Colorful Enhancements of Russian Romances, Literrateurs, Icons


Translator and amateur colorist Olga Shrinina gives these vintage Russian portraits a chromatic makeover, from famous royals, cultural icons and national literary treasures.

The plain viewer will find antiquated black and white, sepia snapshots mundane and aged. The lack of color instantly translates the distance between the image and the viewer, making it rather difficult to relate, or to be intimate with.There are inklings, thoughts of wonder as the viewer deconstructs the colorless-image.

This is exactly what motivated Shrinina. To see the likes of beloved writers Leo Tolstoy Anton Chekhov, and Mikhail Bulgakov immediately breathes life into them. Stars like Vera Komissarzhevskaya, wrestler Karl Pospischil look youthful as if they are still alive. The last Romanovs will forever be remembered for their demise, but there's no harm wondering how they all looked like when they were living.

There's also the portrait of Nadezhda Kolesnikova, one of the female Soviet snipers, and of course, the unsung heroes -- the Russian proletariat.

Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vera Komissarhev

Images are from Open Culture.

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