Neon Dreams - Photography by Matthieu Bühler


Matthieu Bühler is a graphic designer by profession and a photographer by choice. We came across his work recently and it's safe to say that we were hooked in. With a trained eye for aesthetics and detail, Matthieu captures the many nighttime scenes of Japan in his series Neon Dreams.

© Matthieu Bühler

Dripping with color, bustling with activity, and sometimes bereft of it, this series by Matthieu is every bit an eye candy for people who love beautiful nighttime scenery. There is a lot going on in the frame but one thing you can't dismiss is the particular mood set by the playful neon lights. They can be cheerful, maybe even romantic at times but they can also be stoic in some of the more serene shots.

© Matthieu Bühler

If you're interested in Matthieu's work, you may head over to his Instagram for more.

written by cheeo on 2017-12-07 #places #night #lights #dusk #neon-dreams #matthieu-buhler

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