Gear Envy - MS Optical Lenses by Sadayasu Miyazaki


Sadayasu Miyazaki is a name you should be familiar with if you're into Leica M-mount lenses. He designs and creates high-quality lenses out of his workshop in Japan. With great attention to detail and vast knowledge about optics design, Miyazaki's creations are truly a sight to behold.

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MS Optical camera lenses are made in limited runs, meaning they're not that easy to find and more so get a hold of. Each lens that is shipped to the owner has to pass strict quality control to make sure every unit is ready to create beautiful imagery. The Apoqualia-G 28mm f/2 is probably one of the most curious-looking pieces we've ever seen. It's ultralight, ultra compact, and not to mention beautifully crafted. A quick look at it won't do any good. A thing this beautiful warrants more than just a glance.

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    Yes please Santa!

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    Saddly, all lenses are sold out except the 60mm...

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