Mattia Giordano: Colours Between Analogue and Digital

Mattia Giordano is an Italian director and photographer involved in different projects both in the commercial and music sectors. His style is characterized by an interesting use of color and gestures of the body and face.

He shot some pictures with the Daguerreotype Achromat art lens and a digital camera -- the Sony A7s.

Hello Mattia! Can you tell us more about your passion for photography?

Honestly, I can't remember when I started to take Photography seriously but I will never forget how in love I was with the first disposable cameras I received in my childhood. I use to bring them everywhere and after I had finished the film, I imagined shooting with my eyes, as I still do today.

How would you define your style and how has it developed through the years?

I would define my style as a boost of colors in the everyday life. My obsession is to create images with dominant colors in order to let the elements stand out from the picture. Without this component, the picture seems disorganized to me.

© Mattia Giordano (taken with the Daguerreotype Art Lens and Sony A7s)

What are you working on recently?

I'm working on lookbooks for some brands together with editorials for some magazines. I am also directing some music videos and I'm exhibiting a whole iPhone captured photo series across Italy, which is called "Memo".

How do you choose the subjects for your works and what inspires you?

What I see every day is what inspires me, life is full of beauty. My girlfriend, a nice movie, an old man that looks at me strangely or even the pizza I'm eating could become the protagonist of one of my pictures; the choice is very spontaneous.

You shoot both with digital and analogue cameras: how do you decide which is the best means for certain work?

I always try and bring a digital camera with one of my analogue cameras since I cannot really predict what will suit more at that moment. I love film photography and I prefer it for my personal and more intimate projects, like the more artistic ones. Digital photography allows me to experiment more, however, the potential to modify the final result too much reduces the candor of the moment.

© Mattia Giordano (taken with the Daguerreotype Art Lens and Sony A7s)

What did you shoot with the Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens?

I used this lens to take pictures of my girlfriend, Giulia Anna Kapelanczyk, inspired by her dreamy spirit of everlasting childhood. I portrayed her imprisoned in a dream, surrounded by the nature that caresses her. I shot without using the flash to give a smoother and more natural effect exploiting the warm public light.

How do you like this lens and what advice would you give to somebody who uses it for the first time?

It was very fun to experiment with the lens and I really appreciate the peculiar blurry effect that gives a dreamy look to the pictures.

I suggest trying all the special aperture plates (included with the lens) that allows the blur to shape in different forms, which is a unique feature of this product. I recommend this lens to the lovers of portraits and night photography.

Some analogue photos taken by Mattia:

© Mattia Giordano

Check out Mattia's works on his website, Instagram and Facebook.

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