Monday Moodboard: Scenes from a Space Voyager


This Monday is a day to celebrate the very first time humanity has touched the planet Mars by an unmanned spacecraft. For this week's Monday Moodboard, the sky is the limit.

The Soviet space probe Mars 2 is the first man-made object that touched the surface of the planet, although falling to its demise due to the descent system malfunctioning. The lander crashed somewhere southwest, delivering the Soviet Union coat of arms to the surface.

Back then, reaching the skies only seemed like a pipe dream. Perhaps we all need a little bit more of the dreamer in us to achieve our ideals and goals. So remember that when you look into the void, there's the unknown and the multitude of possibilities.

Credits: pzzzenguin, gepo1303, walasiteodito, warning, stonerfairy, pauline_wildwind, blueskyandhardrock, tsingtao, natalieerachel, glanna_grey03 & vicuna

2017-11-27 #culture #inspiration #space #monday-moodboard

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  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    This is crazy, About 1 hour before this post I set out to shoot a sci-fi inspired red-scale with a double exposed planet in the sky... We're almost in creative sync ;P @lomographymagazine

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