Mapping Out Must-Visit Picturesque Locations for the Winter


The December holidays are the best times to spend a week out somewhere away from the buzz and noise of daily life. Here we line up some unique places all over the world for a unique and memorable winter 2017.


In love with the holiday spirit? Go no farther in the German city of Cologne, where apart from its stunning Gothic architecture, the stunning view of the Rhine, is a holiday hub. The Christmas markets are lively, most of them having unique themes from fairytales to 'Heinzelmannchen' -- the legendary house gnomes of Cologne.

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Known as one of China's coldest cities Harbin is the "Ice City". Every year it hosts the Harbin International Ice and Now Sculpture Festival, the largest snow festival in the entire world as it is held in the Songhua River.

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Want a strong dose of winter sun? Then maybe you're more likely to visit the coasts of Mozambique. It's always summer here with its majestic stretches of sand and dunes. The little islands of Bazaruto Archipelago have a marine park that you can stop by. It's as if being at the end of the world.

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St. Petersburg

It's a no-brainer why you should visit St. Petersburg. The Russian city has so much to offer with its countless cultural gems, making it a must-visit all-year round. But it's in the winter where it turns into a winter wonderland. Everything is frosted.

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Head towards the city of Quebec for their annual Quebec Winter Carnival. The carnival's been on-going yearly for over half a century already. Millions head over this city for the unique art installations, ice caverns, ice sculptures, masked balls, canoe races, and of course, concerts.

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Jigokudani Monkey Park

Here's a truly one-of-a-kind experience: take an adventure to the forests of Yamanouchi and find the Jigokudani Monkey Park, where the Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) gather on man-made pools and springs as they socialize.Highly accustomed to humans, these primates can be observed very close. They may ignore guests from time to time, though.

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Another place to catch the winter is Maldives. If peace and relaxation is your priority for the holidays, then this is the place. It's the paradise you'd want to get yourself lost into, as its immaculate beaches and shores are scenic, straight-out-of-the-movie sort of panoramas. The ten-or-more-hour flight will be worth it.

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Get lost in the fantasy in the island of Bled, Slovenia, as the lake turns into a thin spread of glacier, and the medieval Bled Castle that makes up the landscape get frosted by the snow. Experience a storybook-like winter with this chilling beauty of a place.

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Wherever you're heading, don't forget to take some Lomographs with you!

Going elsewhere for the holidays? Share your winter itineraries with us by commenting below!

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