In Vogue Furniture: Chair Portraits

Everything is symbolistic nowadays, even chairs. There is art to where your posterior parks and rests. Here are portraits of chair sitters that study both furniture and subject, and the relationship between.

SAS Royal Hotel with a woman seated in a Model no. 3110 chair© Fritz Hansen, courtesy of Laurence King

Take, for example, the work of designers Verner Panton, who forces sitter to actively engage and interact. His stacking chair experimented with traditions of furniture making and material. The chair Panton designed for Nick Knight's 1995 image of a nude Kate Moss shows the unattainable social discomfort of pop culture icons.

Then there's Arne Jacobsen's Drop chair, designed for a hotel. Room 606 is the last surviving interior of the SAS building, and the hotel became more of an artistic shrine. Designer-lovers set this area as a destination to witness Jacobsen's sculptural furniture design. Another designer is Eero Aarnio, who over-replicated the 1962 Ball chair, which is one of the iconic Scandinavian furniture designs. The spherical furniture marks as Aarnio's desire to go beyond the boundaries of interior design. True, as it now became a postmodernist aesthetic. Then there's the toadstool of Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel, catering to the pre-teen demographic and hoping to see changes in how children can experience design by catering to their imagination and creativity than harming it.

Poul Henningsen in the ‘demonstration room’© Louis Poulsen, courtesy of Laurence King; Publicity photograph of the K3 Heart chair by Verner Panton© PANTON ARCHIVE, courtesy of Laurence King; Adelta, Eero Aarnio in the Ball (Globe) cChair© Eero Aarnio, courtesy of Laurence King; Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel’s daughter photographed with ToadstoolsCourtesy of Laurence King; Early publicity photograph of the Panton chair© Fiell archive, courtesy of Laurence King

Images are from Another Magazine.

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