Holga 135BC


Bought as a gift from my boyfriend, the Holga 135BC was the first film camera that I had had since my youth. Whilst the gift was lovely it has since cost me a small fortune in film, developing and purchasing a camera collection, because the Holga 135BC made me fall in love with film photography. However, despite the many cameras I have bought since, the Holga is still my favourite.

The Holga 135BC is ultimately an incredibly simple camera, with range finder focusing, two aperture settings (sunny and cloudy) and two shutter speed settings (normal and bulb). However its flaws make it incredibly lovable, and incredibly easy to use.

The Holga 135BC (BC standing for Black Corners) has a mask inside it, which encourages vignetting, and is very often full of cracks and holes, which mean light leaks are very possible (unless copious amounts of black tape are used.) These “flaws”, along with the parallax issue that arises when it’s viewfinder doesn’t align with the lens correctly (meaning you either have to aim up or chop peoples head off). However the results are quirky, fun and full of character. Not only are the results incredible, but the Holga is virtually indestructible in my experience (it lives in my bag or the back of my car and has been sat on by heavy people many times).

When my next student loan comes in I think I may have to splash out on it’s medium format sibling.

written by emmaspridgen on 2008-08-21 #gear #35mm #review #holga


  1. adbominog
    adbominog ·

    When calling it a rangefinder, it would also be useful for those that have not used a holga to mention that there is no focus indicator through the finder. All you can do is guess the distance, twist the focus ring to the desired setting and shoot away. the aperture is so small that guesswork seems to work most of the time.

  2. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    Mine has a mask skewed a bit to the right, but I kinda like the imbalance. Light leak isn't a problem to me.

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