Mount Kimbie: The Electronic duo visits Vienna


Last week the London Musicians of Mount Kimbie blessed the stage of our beloved Flex, a famous industrial music venue located along the Donaukanal in Vienna. The event was completely sold out and fans desperately searched for tickets on both social media and outside the club. The atmosphere was buzzing as enthusiasts crammed to the front and eagerly awaited their appearance. Armed with analogue cameras and the new Petzval 58 lens, the Lomography team were given the privilege of capturing the magic...

The duo, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos began producing electronic tunes after a brief spell exploring the Dubstep scene. Since then, they have lead a exploratory breakaway from the bass-heavy rhythms towards a softer, hazier and electronica driven style. Unravelled in their critical use of guitar, bass, drums and of course synthesizer, the duo´s sharp ear for melody and hooks make for a very enjoyable live experience.

© Louie Symons & Eleonore Pairet
© Louie Symons & Eleonore Pairet

Mount Kimbie are highly regarded for featuring vocals from various famed artists including the likes of King Krule, Michachu and James Blake. Although these artists were not present in Vienna, Mount Kimbie accurately represented them to their finest ability with Andrea Balency confidently taking over the vocals.

With their melodic blend of synths, bass and drums, the rippling beats that featured in their debut album "Crooks and Lovers", and their newest LP "Love What Survives" perfectly portrayed Mount Kimbie´s signature mix of blissful, electronic vibes. With the smoke filling the air and the carefully directed lights beaming away, the crowd continued to dance right until the end which featured an encore instrumental of their newest track "Delta".

© Louie Symons & Eleonore Pairet

Leaving the crowd contempt and energised, it´s clear that Mount Kimbie delivered a glorious set. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the duo and wish them all the best for their upcoming European tours.

All the photos were captured by our TEN AND ONE Residency winners, Louie & Eleonore, providing a delicious mix of both analogue and digital photography. Shout out to Arcadia Live who organised the event and invited Mount Kimbie to play in Vienna.

Credits: Louie Symons: Lomohome & Instagram | Eleonore Pairet: Lomohome & Instagram

written by nicholasbacon on 2017-11-27 #gear #culture #places

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