Poems in Photographs - Photography by Hannah Lavenburg

Photography can be as personal as writing a journal. Every page offers a different story much like every frame offers a different perspective. Hannah Lavenburg treats her photographs like pages but instead of writing with ink, she does so with light.

© Hannah Lavenburg

This series of self-portraits reveals the artist's emotion. It's easy to see that Hannah shoots not only with her eyes but also with a passion to share her inner thoughts and musings. Indeed, photography is a personal experience shared through the use of images. It never ceases to amaze us when we think about how liberating and expressive a little black box and some celluloid film could be. For others they may just be "pictures" but for artists like Hannah, it's one way to open up about their deepest sentiments without having the need to speak.

© Hannah Lavenburg

If you're interested in Hannah's work, you may head over to her website for more.

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