Holiday Hacks for a Lomographic Xmas

How do you make the holiday season a bit more festive? With a touch of Lomography, of course!

Bake a Lomography Gingerbread

For your get-together with friends, surprise them with a delectable goody to pair with a glass of sherry. Lomographer @szzs shares the recipe and step-by-step on how to make a yummy Lomography Gingerbread!

Credit: szzs

Light up your film canisters

If you have a lot of film canisters (the white, opaque ones) and some film strips that you're willing to sacrifice for craft, here's a cool way to re-use them. To avoid overheating, best to use LED lights with this project, and never leave your lights on for too long. Here's how to do it!

Credit: "gm_mcleod";

Build a piñata with surprise film rolls

Feeling extra generous this Christmas? Try making a piñata with surprise film rolls inside! Here's a tutorial for making small piñatas. Just swap the candy for film rolls, or make different ones with varying treats, to make the film rolls a real treat!

Make an instant photo wreath

Deck the halls and your Christmas tree with instant photos, or better yet - make a wreath out of your instant shots. Gather your favorite instant memories, an embroidery hoop, and a nice-looking rope or cord. It's super easy, here's the step-by-step.

Photo from abeautifulmess

Set up an instant photo booth

The Lomo'Instant Automat, Lomo'Instant Wide, and Lomo'Instant Square are equipped with a timer as well as a lens cap that doubles as a remote control, so you can easily prop any of these cameras on a tripod, set up a nice backdrop and some props, for an instant photo booth!

Credits: chooolss & juniardigiugno

Any festive tips you'd like to share? Sound off in the comments box below!

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