Symphonic Streets - Photography by Etienne Despois


As photographers, we have that favorite shot that we always go for when given the chance. There is that feeling of nostalgia, you've taken countless photographs in this style but every photograph is different. Mood, lighting, the blur, the clarity -- all these things differ with every shot you take much like these street shots taken by Etienne Despois. They're just people walking on the streets but they offer a different beat with every frame.

Credits: etienne_despois

Etienne is used to shooting the streets. He knows the lay of the land, how people react, and when to take the shot. They may all look similar at first glance -- blurred images passing through the urban landscape but there's really more to them than that. They have tempo. character, and rhythm. Etienne can play it up, amp the noise by introducing color and movement in his shot or he can tone it down, mellow things a bit, and maybe even offer a slow dance with a hint of gloom. It's amazing how these elements can alter a photograph's effect immensely. We love how Etienne makes it all look so easy.

Credits: etienne_despois

If you're interested in Etienne's work, you may head over to his LomoHome for more.

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