The Loud and Proud Women's Fashion of the '80s


There's a reason why the '80s is the most beloved era for nostalgia. Apart from good music, good television and pioneering art scene, fashion was a huge marker.

Enter those huge hairs, teased, permed, crimped, rollered into high side ponytails or spouted buns. Neons and fluorescents galore, as if taking a huge box of crayons and splashing across leg warmers, dancewear, leggings, cotton shorts, vests, tracksuits, jeans, washed jeans, fanny packs, scrunchies, shoulder pads, high waist bottoms, and the oh-so-loved Spandex. Some days it's a Joan Jett kind of day, other days we long for the brunette waves of Brooke Shields. Finishing it up with bold, oversized blazers, or anything really, to make a statement silhouette.

That or you're going pastel like how grandmas loved it. Nothing was in-between, no neutral zone in the '80s.

Images are from Dangerous Minds.

2017-11-24 #culture #80-s #vernacular-photography #women-s-fashion


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    Good music... hum... fashion.... eeek.... No, the 80's should be erased from mankind history. Sorry.

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