Creative Camera Transitions from "Stranger Things 2"


Everyone's favorite love letter to the 80's recently aired its full second season, continuously referencing various pop culture and trends of the decade. While nostalgia is a huge appeal of Stranger Things, it's also clever and aesthetically in-tune with iconic directors of then.

Not only does the show nail its 80's knick-knacks and scriptwriting, but also with its visual storytelling. The second season utilized different editing techniques including match cuts, sound bridges, flashbacks, smash cuts, each scene almost seamless in transition. One of its signature camera transitions is a hybrid of the sound bridge and a match cut, or having two shots based on a similar sound. Check out this supercut of 25 creative transitions.

Preview image was taken from the video.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    That's great!! Fantastic show!

  2. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    An instant classic!

  3. z-borsos
    z-borsos ·

    Best show ever!

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