Meet the TEN AND ONE AWARD judges: Frances Jakubek

Frances Jakubek is the head of exhibitions at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York City. She is the former associate director and associate curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Massachusetts and works independently with artists to edit and market their photography. She is an accomplished fine-art photographer with recent exhibitions around the U.S.

Credit: Frances Jakubek

How did your interest in photography start?

We had a darkroom in my high school and I experienced magic. It was a creative outlet that also taught me to pay closer attention.

How would you define photography? What makes it worth pursuing?

Photography is a vehicle for communication. We all have a need to express ourselves, our concerns, our hopes, and criticisms; if photography feels like a natural form of expression, it can uncover a lot.

What inspires you?


What makes a good photograph?

You will find many answers to this question. A ‘good’ photograph teaches something. At best, it opens the creator or viewer up to learning about a new topic or even better... about themselves. My response to something may be vastly different from yours...and I think that that’s the most exciting aspect of art.

Any advice that you’d like to give aspiring photographers?

Make photographs connected with what you care about. Photography is intimate and should be explored on that level.

Credits: Grete Stern, Self-Portrait, 1943; Bill Brandt, Joan Miró; Danny Lyon, The Walls, 1967;

See more of Frances' work on her website.

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