The American West in Luca Tombolini's Pastel Process

Luca Tombolini returns to Lomography Magazine with a new set of landscape studies that peruse the clashing majesty and contemporary values of the American West, drenched in subliminal, prismatic hues.

Tombolini found spirituality in the landscape, and he expressed that very little is known about its surreality.

"Looking back at historical facts it was easy to see how little the newcomers had embraced the land's spirituality. The questions raised aren't just a local culture matter but they made me think even more about which relationship should modern man adopt with the place that generated himself, through the mystery of origin of Life and the still-blank page that the understanding of the Cosmos is, in order not just to address environmental problems but ultimately to save himself by giving a meaning to his own existence."

Tombolini often flies solo preferring long lone trips to remote areas as it is necessary for him to enter a 'more essential state of mind'. It is through this process, where Tombolini reverts back to Nature, becoming more in touch with his subconscious, visions, and emotions. Photography is a meditative experience for him, best felt without noise and distraction.

The Milan-based photographer shot the images for the series "LS X" in large format.

Images are from Luca. Visit his website for more of his works.

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