The Photographic Interviews: Brigette Bloom and the Ephemeral Analogue (NSFW)


Often we are told to read between the lines, but can we read between photographs? Photographer Brigette Bloom reveals the ethereal and surreal of nature and human body from her raw oeuvre.

Bloom shoots in analogue, and was introduced to the medium when her father lent his camera. Fascinated by the box, the neighborhood was her first playground, loving the little clicks and pulling back the lever manually after each image shot. Thus, her love for film has been carved on to stone. Afterwards, her creative growth relied on her curiosity and experiments.

"I love experimenting because I love the element of surprise. All of photography is like that for me. You just never know how it's going to end up and the unknown is exciting! It still makes me giddy trying out different experiments just to see what will present itself."

Having gone through pregnancy helped her become more aware of the changing stages her body undertook, and nothing more complements her photography better than undergoing a life-changing experience.

Allow us to introduce Brigette and her passion for film as her photographs do the talking.

Hi Brigette! Firstly how does a day in the life of Brigette Bloom look like?

Among your work, how would you visualize your own 'dream world'?

Are there photographs that are the close self-portraits of you?

You're known for taking surreal images of the great outdoors and nature. How about a portrait of Mother Nature from your work?

Artists are always thinking, always lost in their head. Mind sharing what your creative mental mess would actually look like right now?

Experiments often come with either happy or unexpected accidents. Which 'accidental and experimental' image/s of yours that gave you goosebumps?

Lastly, what does freedom look like for Brigette Bloom?

Catch Brigette's works on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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