Touches of Neon: New Portraits from Toby Harvard

English photographer Toby Harvard has amused us then with his unique back portraits, and now he returns to Lomography Magazine to share a new series made from analogue night photography.

Toby usually works with a point-and-shoot camera, and he loves night photography and the artificial lights decorating the darkness. This time he roamed the London streets with his friend and model Olive Allen. His young oeuvre proves he's a must-watch among emerging analogue photographers.

"I love street photography and candid shots of strangers going about their business. People’s expressions are fascinating when they don’t know they’re being photographed. Although that type of covert spur-of-the-moment shooting is very difficult with film, manual focusing of 50mm lens... etc. I’ve recently been working with models more, and am adjusting to the more deliberate, considered framing and lighting that that entails. I like to keep trying new things."

Here are some of his new photographs, exclusively shared with Lomography Magazine:

Check out our interview with Toby here.

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