Lomography Gallery Store NYC Summer Scavengers Recap!

Lomography NYC recently had another scavenger hunt competition called Summer Scavengers. Check out the photos submitted by our amazing 3 teams and find out which team managed to get all the photos on our list first and walked away with the top prizes!

The last time we had a scavenger hunt at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC, it was a blistering cold day, and the crowd that turned up was nearly too much for us to handle. This time around we invited people to come be Summer Scavengers with the Lomo LC-A+ Instant Back and enjoy some amazing Big Apple summer weather, and it was definitely a lot more manageable, and equally fun and exciting!

Take a look at the list of photos we asked them to get:

1) Hit the sand! Take a photo of your entire team in a sandbox! (not including the photographer!)

2) Show us your “shorts” story! Summer is the time for breaking out the shorts. Find 3 New Yorkers in shorts to pose together in one picture with your team! (not including the photographer)

3) On the waterfront: We don’t have a beach in lower Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a large body of water. Time to hit the waterfront! It doesn’t matter if you head east, west, or south, find an edge of Manhattan and take one of those classic tourist photos of your entire team on the water’s edge (not including the photographer)!

4) Made in the shade: Take a photo of your entire team’s silhouettes created by the shade! Shave 5 minutes of your time by writing “LOMO” or “LC-A” with body shadows!

5) Summer Lovin’: Summer is the time for love… or maybe just a little fun if you know what we mean. Find 2 couples and ask them to kiss for a photo. Yup, that’s 4 people and 2 kisses in one photo. With love in the air, that should be a snap! Don’t forget to have them hold the Lomography sticker!

6) Flower power! Time for a double exposure of your entire team (not including the photographer) with some flowers! Since you’d normally shoot a photo at 200asa, switch it to 400asa before you take both photos so you don’t over-expose! Don’t forget to switch it back for the next shot!

7) Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets! Find 2 strangers to dance in the street with 2 members of your team! Have someone hold the Lomography sticker though!

8) Splendor in the grass: Though it may not seem like it, there are plenty of spots in NYC where you can lay in the grass and enjoy some rays. Take a photo of your team (not including the photographer) lounging in the grass.

9) The boys of summer! It’s Subway Series time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all get along! Find a Yankees fan and a Mets fan (wearing a hat, shirt, jersey, etc) and have them pose together with your team! This won’t be easy though, because they’re probably all watching the game!

10) Get wet! You didn’t think you’d get through this whole list without at least getting your feet wet, did you? Yup, time to get in the fountain! Your entire team (not including the photographer must get into the fountain at Washington Square Park (you can just take off your shoes and socks if you must). If anyone from the team wants to get totally soaked, we’ll shave 3 minutes off your time!

Sounds easy, right? Check out the results:

Coming in well in front was the team who dubbed themselves “The Foreigners.” There was no debate as to the winner of this competition, as “The Foreigners” finished almost 30 minutes ahead of their next competitors. And if that wasn’t enough, they did it with style. Check out the photos that earned each member of the team a brand new Fisheye 2 Ripcurl edition:

Coming in at a solid second place was the group named “Three’s Company.” Check out their beautiful photos that earned them a second place prize of a Pop 9 camera, and wonder what might have been had they just hurried up a little bit!

Coming in at a respectable third place was the team that lovingly referred to themselves as “The Minorities.” Speed was the only separator in this competition, as the photo quality from each group was outstanding. Check out the entries from “The Minorities.” Oh and did we mention that they each walked away with an LC-A+? Too bad it was of the keychain variety.

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