3 Tips from Singapore's Youngest Wedding Photographer

At 16, Singaporean Klaus Tan has established a career in wedding photography. Through an interview, he shares 3 tips about being a wedding photographer, stating "I’ve shot weddings since I was age 15. Now at 16, I’m currently the youngest wedding photographer in Singapore under the label Chuttersnap."

Based on what he has learned so far, here are Klaus' 3 tips on wedding photography:

Using Large Aperture Primes

"I’ve discovered using prime lenses forces me to be engaged in a more active role, constantly searching for the best angles and right framing. Furthermore, these large apertures create gorgeous images with the distinctive blurry backgrounds all clients love.

The selection of 20mm, 50mm, 105mm macro and 180mm lenses I bring ensures the entire range from wide angle to telephoto focal lengths are covered. All their apertures don’t exceed f2.8."

© Klaus Tan Courtesy of nikonrumors

Have a Posing Sheet

"For shoots, I always bring along a few of these A4 papers printed in color, with 3x4 grids containing 12 poses printed in color. These poses serve as useful guidelines on how the clients should arrange their hands or pose their bodies etc."

Back Button Continuous Auto Focus

"With the back button autofocus function and AF- continuous mode, I can ensure my readiness to capture such moments with tact sharp focus. With my thumb always on the back button and my index finger on the shutter button, the brilliant autofocus module of my DSLR never misses focus. No more accidental trigger of the shutter when too much force is applied during the half-press focusing!"

© Klaus Tan Courtesy of of nikonrumors

If you're interested to know more about Klaus, read his full interview here.

written by crissyrobles on 2017-11-25 #news

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