An Expert's Guide to Lomography: Best Picks for the Holidays

With such a vast and eclectic range of Lomography goodies, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed when you start your Christmas shopping. That’s why we asked long time Lomography veteran, Adrian Bilek, for an interview. Adrian has been living and breathing Lomography for over 9 years now, so if anyone know’s their stuff —it’s him!

Hey Adrian! Thanks for letting us pick your brain. First off, which camera would you recommend for beginners this holiday season?

It would have to be the Lomo LC-Wide. Whether you're shooting as you wander through Christmas markets, or snapping friends as they sip on a mulled wine, the Lomo LC-Wide is always reliable, super easy to use and takes incredible shots. If you’re on a smaller budget though, I’d suggest playing around with the La Sardina. And, if you want to give Instant photography a try, a Lomo'Instant Automat is your best bet!

Lomo'Instant Automat, La Sardina DIY and the Lomo LC-Wide.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

To be honest, I don't have a specific favorite, but I do think they all sound much better played on steel drums ;)

What would you recommend to people who are attending or throwing a party this year?

Keep your finger on the trigger! (shutter button). You really don't want to miss the priceless face your best mate pulls when you suddenly run out of eggnog!

What would you like to find under your Christmas tree this year?

I’d love a big house with a sea view… Failing that, I’d happily have the new Neptune Art Lens System. (Please!)

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

What are your three favorite films to shoot with and why?

1. Lomochrome Purple — it’s nice to switch it up with some psychedelic color sometimes
2. Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 ISO 35mm — the cool contrasts in this monochrome emulsion makes even the grayest day look great!
3. Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO 120 — it delivers great results when pushed and pulled which is super handy when you have the habit of leaving film in all of your cameras all the time!

Photos shots with Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 ISO 35mm, Lomochrome Purple and Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO 120.

What’s the most underrated Lomography product and why?

The Ringflash deserves a lot more attention. For a really good price you get a decent burst of light and loads of cool color filters. You can use it with Lomography Cameras and, with the right adaptor, it hooks up to your professional Digital SLR. It even has a slave trigger so you can use a bunch together to create wonderful lighting for your shots.

Photo shot with the Ringflash

What are your top five stocking filler picks?

1. Photo Accordions
2. Chapbooks
3. Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod
4. Lomochrome Purple 35mm Film
5. Fujifilm Instax Mini film —to feed your hungry Lomo’Instant Automat over the holidays!

Have you got any New Year's resolutions?

I’m going to clear all the discontinued, frozen film from my freezer. I can’t wait to start to shooting all those precious rolls I put there to stay fresh!

Finally, what’s your favorite thing to do on Christmas day?

Since we are having all the family over at my place this year, I am really looking forward to preparing the Christmas dinner. It’s just great to see the whole family fattening themselves with delicious homemade food and slowly getting tipsy from the sweet Christmas punch, which inevitably leads to even the grumpiest uncle sporting a nose as red as Rudolph!

Thank you Adrian!

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