The Dream-like Photography of Iosune de Goñi

We have previously featured Iosune de Goñi, a young photographer and writer from Navarra, Spain. This time, she shares with us her latest series of photographs, which she has shot on the color-shifting New LomoChrome Purple.

Tell us about your latest series of photographs shot on LomoChrome Purple Film.

It's a very personal series. I shot these photographs in Bertiz, a natural park in the north of the Navarra region, where I used to go when I was a child. This place, its forests and its waterways take me back to my childhood. It's as if I split into two and got lost within two notions of myself: what I think I am and the girl that I used to be, or the memory that I have of her. The same happens with the forest, it also splits and blends with itself, because there isn't only one forest.

Some of the photographs are self-portraits, and others show the metamorphosis of the forest. Both of us change upon meeting, and both of us change through the images. The LomoChrome Purple Film, with its greens and violet hues, fits in very well with the dreamlike atmosphere that I wanted to achieve. On top of that, for the first time, I dared to use a film soup with a film that changes the colors of the image.

In your photographs it seems as if you wanted to blend with nature - do the photos allow you to relive the moments spent in the forest once at home, or is the moment itself what is important?

I always have the feeling of finding myself in the forest. I recognize myself in the bark of the beech trees, in the autumn colors, but I only find myself when I stop being myself, because the experience of the forest is an experience of fusion: the trees not only connect me to other 'I's, but I myself am the forest.

What happens at home is different, but it can be understood as an extension of that experience. I never know what I will find when I scan the negatives. The images that appear on the screen show a different vision of the place where I have been, a vision that belongs to me in a certain sense, but that seems to come from outside. It is a second moment of fusion, a moment in which the memory blends with the photographs.

What kind of film soup did you use in the development of these photographs?

This time around, I souped the film before taking the photos, not during the development, which is why I had to wait a few weeks for the film to dry out before I could load it onto the camera. A short time after getting the film, my father brought home some cherries from my grandmother's orchard. The color of cherries is my favorite, and one day I decided to make a film soup out of cherry juice. I liked the idea of using my grandmother's cherries, who is also an amateur photographer, because it was a way of creating a bond between the photos and my family, combining the images with the fruits of our land.

A few weeks later, when the film had dried out, I decided to soak the film in a second film soup - in an infusion made from wild berries, that my mother makes in the afternoons. In this way, the colors of the series are also the colors of the women of my family.

Where do you exhibit your photographs? - How do you share them with the world?

Right now I am preparing my first individual exhibition, which will take place from the 11th to the 17th of December at the Astra cultural centre in Gernika-Lumo, in the Biscay region. Apart from that, I publish my photographs on Tumblr.

Thank you so much, Iosune - Good luck with all your upcoming projects!

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