Premiere: The Maxwells Shoot Music Video for "Getaway" by Laney Lynx

Photographer Ruby June and husband Philip Maxwell teamed up with electronica pop artist Laney Lynx to create this lovely Lomo-esque music video for her new song "Getaway" that has us dreaming of summertime. We chatted with Laney and Ruby about the creative process and making music and visuals act as one. Check out the video below!

Can you both tell us about your current projects?

LANEY: Primarily, I'm working on the release plans for my debut EP produced by Brooklyn-based producer, Drew Ofthe Drew. The song content is about past loves and coming of age with soundscapes of harmonies and electronic lushness to match. I'm crazy excited for the world to hear it!

RUBY: This film is actually the first of a series of music videos & narrative films that I’ve been working on! I’ve been working on my first feature film which is really exciting.

How did you get into music?

LANEY: The act of singing is what initially ignited my passion for music. I used to be obsessed with manipulating my voice to sound like my at-the-time idols who were Cher and Britney Spears from the "...Baby One More Time" era. Later on, music was my healer, my outlet of expression and is now part of my identity.

What inspired the song "Getaway"?

LANEY: "Getaway" is inspired by my days growing up living a fairly sheltered life in the suburbs of a Rhode Island town when music was my escape from the ordinary. But now that I've grown and moved to the city, I look back with adoration at the simplicity of the days I once wanted to escape. "Getaway" is about recognizing the beauty and spontaneity of an otherwise seemingly mundane reality and making the effort to cherish the "here and now" as though "every day's a holiday."

This video is very different from the type of projects you normally work on. What was that process like for you?

RUBY: I’ve been directing, shooting & creating films for a while. There’s something special about listening to someone's idea, really soaking it in and then helping them create exactly what was in their head. This story, while perhaps less avant-garde compared to my usual work-was no exception!

The one component that was different in this project is that my husband, Philip, and I actually made this film entirely together! We took turns directing and shooting and brainstorming ideas. It’s really incredible having someone like him to work with because I trust him and respect his ideas.

In the past, I had a hard time giving up that creative control. I used to wish I could clone myself and hire my clones to help me, but working with Philip is way better than any number of Ruby clones. His brain excels in areas mine doesn’t and we really compliment each other and make a great team.

Were there any challenges you faced while creating this video?

RUBY: I don’t want to sound aloof, but the video was smooth sailing through and through! I’ve noticed that when I work with artists on music videos they often come into the project with an expectation that a million things always go wrong shooting music videos and they think it will be the most stressful/painful day of shooting. It never ends up that way!

Before every project (video, photoshoot, whatever it might be) I always pray with everyone — for the day, for the shoot, for our lives, for an end product better than any of us dreamed of. Occasionally I’ll forget to pray first thing in the morning and I’m always reminded fairly quickly because things start to turn to shambles and we have to stop everything to pray. Immediately you feel the stress melt and peace enter the room.

Shooting a film is, of course, exhausting, but in general, the day really was as fun as it looks in the video! How many people get to spend time with people they love, eating cake, swimming, and dancing on the beach and consider that “just another day at the office…”? We feel beyond blessed to be working on these projects with incredible artists we admire.

If you could take a getaway to one place, where would you go?

LANEY: If I were to go anywhere on a real getaway it would be so hard to decide but it would be amazing to travel to Tokyo!

RUBY: It’s funny Laney said that because I’d have to agree. I really want to go to Japan, it’s top on the list and has been calling my name for quite some time now!

Check out more of Laney's music on her website and Spotify, and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. To see more of Ruby's work, visit her website and follow her on Instagram. You can see more of Philip's work on his Instagram.

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