Gleeful and Merry Holiday Pet Photos from the Community

The cold weather is no match for your cute and cuddly pets this holiday season! Just snuggle with your fur baby to chase those chilly days away!

Credits: dustbowlugly

One thing that we love about our community is the love we show to our pets. Not only do they give us a quick pick-me-up when things are gloomy and blue, they also give us all their undivided attention and love. Sometimes, they're more like family members than just pets! Take a load of these cute and cuddly creatures from our community archives -- they know a thing or two about spreading the cheer and joyful spirit of the holidays!

Credits: paper_doll, zoelikesalaugh, chesty, robter, bccbarbosa, fantastic_mr_shawn & mishika

Dressed as gleeful holiday sprites or not, our loving pets will always leave a smile on our faces this holiday season! Don't forget to document the fun and excitement you and your lovely pets will share this coming holidays. We're sure there's plenty to go around for everyone.

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