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Set in the Christmas Eve of 1994, Camera Store paints a vaguely reminiscent picture of suburban America during the advent of photography's digital age. Period-wise, the film retains the feeling of being in a camera store -- films, cameras, repairs, and all. The story is about the rapid changes brought about by modern technology and how they affected local small industries.

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Right off the bat, Camera Store doesn't hold out on the reality aspect. Ray LaPine, the long time manager of the family photo store tells it as it is with his quick wit and sharp words. What then unfolds is a series of encounters between characters in and outside of the humble photo store. The pace is slow and dragging at times. This method alone can be seen as a character in the film -- what once was a flourishing photo business has been left out by the times and yet it's still trying to keep itself above water.

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Ultimately, Camera Store is more about the characters than the events they find themselves in. The film is a mixture of interesting stories from regular people. Probably one of the scenes that really stuck was that of the war photographer trying to get his images back from a broken camera. If you're looking for a nostalgic movie to watch about film photography, a look back into its recent history, and if you're after a few laughs, this film might be for you.

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    cool and thanks for the info. my fave photography movie still robin williams one hour photo and j-movie renai shashin

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    Cool super info. Thanks for this

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