A Lomographer's Guide to Surviving Holiday Hangovers


One minute you're drinking and doing the chicken dance with your friends, and the next minute you're passed out on the couch, shoe stuck with confetti and head throbbing to the tune of a bad EDM track. Here are some tips to power through a yucky hangover!


The Holidays is the most convenient excuse to drink up and be silly, leading to potentially embarrassing moments (pictures or it didn't happen!). Unfortunately, it's also super dehydrating and if you're not prepared you'll end up nursing a nasty hangover the next morning. So make sure to drink lots of water before and after your boozy festivities. Drink up! It's good for you. If water is too basic for you, electrolyte-powered sports drinks are good too, but coconut water is better.

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Take a shower

While a nice, cold shower won't help you sober up, it will make you feel better. Plus, you'll smell good.

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Catch up on your beauty rest ... or not

It's ok. Don't fight it, crawl back into bed if you feel like it.

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But others say you're better off doing some light exercises, so it's up to you if you have the energy to do a little stretching.

Eat your greens and bananas, too.

Don't eat greasy food! Your stomach is sensitive and greasy food will just make it worse; it'll make you more nauseous. Same goes with citrus fruits. Instead, load up on potassium-boosters such as bananas and leafy greens. Potassium is a fantastic electrolyte that is depleted due to alcohol's diuretic effect.

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Uh huh, honey

Honey and toast is also a sweet recommendation for nasty hangovers. The fructose content will help break down the alcohol into by-products (such as carbon dioxide), which can be breathed out of your body. Also, slathering honey on toast is a good source of potassium and sodium, both of which will help your body cope with the hangover.

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Miso good for you

Miso soup is a nutritious concoction of water, sodium, and other good stuff that are flushed out by too much alcohol. Also, it's fermented with healthy bacteria that can aid you in digestion.

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So there you go! Remember, you can take more pictures when you're not hung over. Happy New Year, everybody!

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