Strange Holiday Traditions From Around the World

One thing is for sure - people all around the globe love celebrations. Just the thought of going on holidays and spending time with your loved ones is enough of a reason to celebrate and fully enjoy your days off. In many countries, Christmas is celebrated differently depending on the culture.

For example, in Japan, Santa Claus is called Santa Kurohsu and he has an entirely different role than the Santa we know of. They say he has his eyes on the back of his head to frighten the naughty children. In case you are not scared already, we advise you to sit back, take a cup a coffee and learn more about the strange holiday traditions around the world.

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Skate Your Way Through Christmas

One of the most bizarre ways of celebrating Christmas is done by the people of Caracas who go to the morning church services on their roller skates. They know how to make an entrance!

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Christmas Cards The French Way

In case you thought all people send Christmas cards during the holiday season than you haven't met someone from France. They try to avoid them as much as possible, or they send out very few. They are focusing more on the presents which can also be good in case you are not much of a card person yourself.

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The Dark Side Of Christmas

Some people like Norwegians believe that this time of year, especially Christmas Eve is perfect for witches to enter their everyday life and frighten their families. So, for them to feel safe, every household hide their brooms before they go to sleep. You can never get too cautious with witches, right?

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Ukrainian Holiday Decor

If you thought that spiders were only reserved for Halloween night than you haven't been to Ukraine! Aside from all the Christmas lights they use to decorate their cities they also enjoy adding fake spiders and their web because it's said to bring good luck.

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Italian version of Santa Claus

Believe it or not, Italians have their female version of Santa Claus called La Befana. They believe she is one of the good witches who kindly gives presents to all the children. Sorry Santa, but she sounds more fierce than you!

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It's Time For Sauna

Some people celebrate Christmas by decorating a Christmas tree, while others, like Estonian people, like to head to the spa and celebrate holidays with their families in a sauna. We can't argue with that because what better way to enjoy Christmas than to reduce your stress levels ultimately.

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A Christmas Meal For The Deceased

It may sound spooky, but lots of families in Portugal have a custom of setting additional plates for the deceased during the Christmas feast. It's their way of ensuring good health for their families and each household.

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Sources: Metro, The Telegraph

How do you celebrate Christmas? Let us know in the comments below; we can't wait to hear it!

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