TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2017: Urban Explorers Winners


Street photography is more than being at the right place, at the right time. It's all about being aware of your surroundings and trusting your intuition. The Urban Explorers Award had everyone chasing that "decisive moment" and capturing the candidness and simplicity of everyday life.

Credits: strangebutrubbish, megandoherty, pierodonadeo, erhanulusoy, rafapinilla, gweilolife, duffman, chvo, sirio174 & strangebutrubbish

Congratulations to the champions of Urban Explorers and thank you to everyone who participated! We'd also like to extend our gratitude to judges Roberto Fiuza, Mark John Ostrowski, Oscar Arribas, Vincent Pflieger, Dimitri Beck, Eléonore Klar, Aurélien Valette, Alessandro Casagrande, and Stephen Dowling who lent their time and expertise to determine the best among the best new street photographs.

Visit the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards microsite to see the winners in other categories.

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  1. strangebutrubbish
    strangebutrubbish ·

    No way! Thanks so much guys

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·


  3. eleonorepairet
    eleonorepairet ·

    @strangebutrubbish this competition is made for you!!!! congrats!

  4. edwardconde
    edwardconde ·

    @strangebutrubbish - Great shot bro!

  5. ellakoppensteiner
  6. erhanulusoy
    erhanulusoy ·

    Thanks :) appreciated!

  7. chvo
    chvo ·

    Yay, Thank you :)

  8. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @lomography @ellakoppensteiner The microsite need to be updated

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