Following the Traveller - Photography by Maximilian Motel

Maximilian Motel is a man with a clear idea of what he wants to do. He likes to push his limits creatively -- much like what he did on his project "The Traveller."

© Maximilian Motel

The Traveller revolves around this solitary figure in a seemingly dystopian reality. It's a story told in frames -- the Traveller is pictured in various environments wherein he or she is the only resident. Clad in a spacesuit, Maximilian's lone character explores empty spaces that were once brimming with life and activity. The Traveller is passing time or perhaps searching for someone to share this vast land with someone else. Who knows what's going on in Max's surreal world? What we do know is that we're hooked in by the idea and his style of storytelling.

© Maximilian Motel

If you're interested in Max's work, you may head over to his website and Instagram for more.

written by cheeo on 2017-11-23 #people #conceptual-photography #maximilian-motel #the-traveller

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