Stefan Giftthaler: Photographing the Italian White Marbles

When in Italy, the first things we think of is its rich culture and art history. The Southern European is blessed by early artists and carvers of marble, making them natural fixtures.

Enter photographer Stefan Giftthaler, a photographer who documents Italy's classic white sculptures from all ages. Stefan went from the eastern coast to Calabria, then the southernmost region to Sicily, then back north along the western coast.

While the food, weather, and beaches made him starry-eyed it was the plethora of mass-produced statues found in daily life -- in supermarkets, gas stations, car parks, private gardens, and houses, to adorning buildings.

The photographs show how these modern, non-Michelangelo statues contribute to Italy's ancient heritage of the marble.

Images are from Another Magazine

2017-11-21 #culture #italy #documentary-photography #stefan-giftthaler

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