Emotional Spectrum: Framing "Koi no Yokan"


Photography isn't just about the visuals, technicalities or equipment. To be a photographer, you have to capture the unseen and the abstract. And when you do, you grow one step empathetic. Here we review Lomographs that straight out speak of human emotions.

Have you ever met someone for the first time, and you feel a subtle pull from your heartstrings? No, it's not the head-over-heels love at first sight. It's a magnetic pull. It's the feeling of being drawn to someone whom you've just met.

You can't say much, logic doesn't know any better either. But it's there. The building chemistry from the get-go.

This is "koi no yokan ( 恋の予感 )".

Credits: pinoo, alienmeatsack & qrro

"Koi no Yokan" is a Japanese term, not to be confused with "love at first sight". "Koi no yokan", when taken literally means +"premonition of love".

It's less sentimental and sappy. It's a realization that love is on the cards. Love can happen in the future if you will it. It's the first spark of attraction as you two exchange pleasantries or rub elbows for the first time.

Remember those Woody Allen movies in which boy-meets-girl, where the initial attraction is found, but it is withheld by hesitation and caution. How about when our beloved Amelie tries to 'get to know' the photobooth pictures collector. Oh, Amelie knows. She knows there is "koi no yokan" going on there, but as the rest of the movie suggests, she is impaired by her own doubts and fears.

Credits: kimpy05, dida, jazztrio2014, atria007 & satomi

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  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    Those horse masks remind me of my time in Vienna.

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