Take an Analogue Tour with Tusks


London based artist and producer Tusks shares some of her favorite LomoChrome Purple shots and talks to us about her love for film photography.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey, I'm Tusks, I'm an artist and producer from London releasing dark- alternative pop - electronic music. I've just released my debut album Dissolve on One Little Indian Records, and I'm playing my next headline show in London on the 15th November at Kamio before heading to Amsterdam on the 19th and Paris on the 20th.

What got you into film photography?

I had a couple of friends in college who were into it and I used to just mess around on a Diana Mini I had but I think I properly started getting into it last year. I have some friends who are incredible film photographers and hanging out with them more has spurred me on. I've also been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places in the last year including Vietnam, Europe and America which has provided some beautiful places to shoot.

Tell us about these shots, what camera/film did you use and what did you choose to shoot?

These are all taken from a US & Canadian tour I just did with Asgeir across LA, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York and Philadelphia. They're all taken on LomoChrome Purple film on a Ricoh 500 RF. I wanted to just capture elements of where I was visiting which really summed that place up to me - I love how well the film has worked on buildings.

What’s your favorite film camera?

I'm really impressed with my Ricoh 500RF! Really like Cannon AE-1's too.

What’s coming up for you in the new year?

I'm hoping to do a headline tour of the UK and Europe next spring which I'll be announcing soon. Other than that I'll be playing some festivals and starting to write the next album!

For more information visit www.tusks.eu

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