TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2017: Monochrome Winners


Shooting in black and white is a practice of balancing light and shadows. Without colors to consider, it makes one mindful of composition, framing, and exposure—all essential concepts for a compelling image. The Monochrome Awards allowed us to appreciate the timeless beauty of black and white photographs.

Credits: gocchin, damianhovhannisyan, kcb7-11, gleby, damianhovhannisyan, montagu, mirkolamonaca, gmushinsky, humodepipa & lagia

Congratulations to the champions of Monochrome and thank you to everyone who participated! We'd also like to extend our gratitude to judges Tamara Skudies, Raymond Chin, Khalifa al Obaidly, Denise Skiadopoulos, Elisa Maccario, Hamish Gill, Gabriel Sanchez, Enrico Ratto, Vincent Pflieger and Luca Mercedes who lent their time and expertise to determine the best among the best documentary and travel photographs.

Visit the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards microsite to see the winners in other categories.

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  1. ellakoppensteiner
  2. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    @ellakoppensteiner Thank you!

  3. ivaylo
    ivaylo ·

    Excellent pick-ups, congrats!

  4. ces1um
    ces1um ·

    Wow. All amazing submissions. What a hard contest to pick a winner for! Congrats

  5. gleby
    gleby ·

    Thank you very much!

  6. lagia
    lagia ·

    Thank you very much! ;) today's second surprise :) congrats all!!! :)

  7. kcb7-11
    kcb7-11 ·

    @ellakoppensteiner Thanks a lot, and big thanks to all the judges!
    It's an honor for me.
    Although i haven't realized what just happened, still scratching my head lol
    Also congrats to my fellow lomographer @gocchin, @damianhovhannisyan, @gleby, @montagu, @mirkolamonaca, @gmushinsky, @humodepipa & @lagia, appreciate your excellent works!!! :)

  8. humodepipa
    humodepipa ·

    @kcb7-11 Gracias a ti y felicitaciones a todos!

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