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McCullin follows the three-decade career of war photographer Don McCullin. Produced and directed by Jacqui and David Morris, the documentary shows the many faces of conflict and war in different parts of the world. It's a riveting tale from start to finish, much like the photographs taken by McCullin.

Shell-shocked soldier © Don McCullin via Tate UK

Donald or Don McCullin went in and out of areas of conflict from 1961 to 1991 to photograph the reality of war and combat. McCullin is a sobering tale of these experiences and encounters. From being in the middle of the crossfire to witnessing grief, terrible human conditions in times of war, and so on, McCullin himself discusses these things with a reflective and conscientious tone. It's an incredible film to watch especially if you ponder on the idea of what it was like to be in those turbulent times.

Trailer for McCullin

McCullin may be difficult to watch at times but it is sobering and substantial. Apart from the compelling images in the film, it's best to watch out for striking commentary by McCullin and other personalities featured in it.

I was learning a new trade. I was learning about the price of humanity and its sufferings.

If you're interested in learning about Don McCullin, you may visit his website for more information.

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