Lomographic Color Studies: Nudes


We've finally nailed down the basic colors from primary to secondary; now it's time to study other colors, hybrids, and palettes that make this world more complex and non-binary. We're all different. No one is too light, or too dark, or "too" anything. Such is the human flesh.

Credits: emmeb

"Nude" is a vague term referring to skin color, mostly part of color systems in make-up production and beauty catalogues. There is much political correctness going on in using the term "nude", however, as it used to be synonymous to lighter skin shades.

Not anymore.

Nude now means pinks, beiges, yellows, browns of all tonal value -- light, medium light, tan, medium dark, dark, or whatever adjective make-up and beauty creators would like to name these tones.

Let's celebrate "nudes", the color palette of humanity.

Credits: lafilledeer, cfehse, natalieerachel, babak_homayouni, 007-0815-styler & hburgess

2016-11-12 #news #lomographic-color-studies

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