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It all starts with an idea but for Andrew Bellamy of Ilott Vintage, passion and love are also great additions to the equation. Andrew is the chief mastermind behind the impressive camera restoration works at Ilott Vintage -- they refurbish mechanical 35mm cameras that are not only wonderful collectors' pieces but fun-to-shoot gear as well.

© Illot Vintage

Ilott Vintage is known for their elegant and unique work on various rangefinders and cameras. They pay great attention to the inner workings of these cameras -- from cogs to springs, to levers, everything is accounted and cared for in their workshop. Another thing they're also known for is their use of high-quality wood veneers in exchange for old or worn out leather panels. That alone boosts the style of the cameras they work on. And like the suckers we are for handsome-lookin' and totally gorgeous cameras, we are totally star struck. Ilott Vintage celebrates beautiful engineering and they put more effort than what is needed to make sure that every camera that comes out of their workshop can be passed down from one generation to the next.

© Illot Vintage

And like what they say on the site, "No two cameras are the same." From that claim alone you'll know that they are invested in the process as well as the people who are going to use their cameras. Outstanding work, if you ask us.

If you're interested in Andrew's work, you may head over to his site for more.

Let us know if you have some projects you'd like to showcase to the community. Project cameras, one-offs, customs -- you name it! Hit us up in the comments section below.

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