The Arctic: Sebastian Copeland


Enter the perpetual winter wonderland of photographer Sebastian Copeland as we celebrate his oeuvre of pole-to-pole photography of more than 10 years of travel.

Copeland is a famous photographer, polar explorer and environmentalist that went on expeditions around Norway, Canada, the USA, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Peninsula. He is also recently deemed as one of the top adventurers in the world for 2017 by Men's Journal.

In this display, Copeland shows the magnificent landscapes of the Arctic, detached and poetic with his approach. Of course, the process of shooting the place of such dangerous location proved challenges:

"As with any landscape photograph, the result of shooting in the Arctic directly depends on the time that the photographer devotes to this place. For an observer like me who aspires to full immersion in space, the ice opens up as much as possible when everything in the frame converges. The predominance of water, in solid or liquid form, and the low angle of incidence of the sun's rays create a limited color spectrum; Desert landscape requires a focus point. Visually, clouds and ice are related souls: the low contrast of the heavy sky removes the bluest shade of ice from the ice and creates a special rainbow cover unique to polar photography. "

Fall in love with the icy enigma in The Pure Arctic: Sebastian Copeland at the Lumiere Gallery in Moscow, which will run through January 1, 2018.

Images are from the press kit.

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  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    I wonder what kind of changes he's seen in 10 years of photographing ice.

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