Even Photographers Need Rest


There is no way to go but up for creative people. Rest is for the lazy, or so we believe. We like to push our limits and boundaries, yearning to be 'better'. "Better" is a myth, even you, photographer, needs rest.

Here with you today is photographer Thomas Heaton, who deals with one landscape grind and can't seem to accomplish the image he envisions. Instances like this often happens. Frustration is part of the anguish, but, like any other creative work, burning out is also a thing to consider.

For Heaton, the best way to deal with this is to always remember to enjoy what you're doing, even if 'perfection' seems too far at reach.

Preview image is taken from the video.

2017-11-08 #tutorials #videos #inspiration #photography #creativity

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  1. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    One thing I love about analog photography is you have to wait to see the results. This time gives me a chance to 'forget' the shots I've taken and upon seeing them again upon development I feel like I can approach them with a fresh mind.

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