A Beginners Guide to LomoHome and Piggy Points


Are you new to the Lomography Community? Or need to brush up on Piggy Points rules? Then, you've come to the right place! Here's a quick guide on how to set up your LomoHome and earn Piggy Points!

What is a LomoHome?

A LomoHome is your own space in the website where you can display your photos, organize albums, follow other members, write notes about your recent photo-hunting adventures, and more!

Having a LomoHome also grants you a chance to be selected as a Home of the Day, a special recognition given to active members of the Lomography Community. While your photographs will be in the running towards winning a Photo of the Day award.

Each LomoHome has unlimited storage space so you can definitely share as many snapshots as you can. The limit of uploads per day is 500 images. If you’re shooting over 500 images per day, let us know how you find so much free time!

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Color me intrigued! So, how do I set up my own LomoHome?

Setting up a LomoHome is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need is a working email and a LomoHome name to register for FREE!

What are the benefits of earning a Home of the Day and Photo of the Day awards?

All winners of Home of the Day get 50 Piggy Points while Photo of the Day recipients take home five Piggy Points.

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Piggy-what now?

Piggy Points is a special online voucher that you can use to purchase items on the Lomography Online Shop! One Piggy Point is equivalent to 1 EUR/USD/GBP.

My LomoHome is still empty! How else can I earn Piggy Points?

Piggy Points can be earned through various ways:

How do I use my Piggy Points?

Redeem your Piggy Points in our Online Store. Add the items that tickles your fancy into a shopping cart, and enter check out. At the payment confirmation screen, you will be given the option to redeem your Piggies! Please check for the minimum purchase requirements to use your piggies.

Are there any items I cannot use my piggies on?

Yes, pre-order items, selected regular items, new hot right out of the oven items, and Lomography services cannot be purchased using piggies. Check this list of items excluded from Piggy use.

Do Piggy Points expire?

Because Piggy Points can be earned and accrued over time, piggy points do expire. But you can fight this natural process by either spending it on the Online Shop or earning more Piggy Points before the expiration date.

Visit our FAQ section for more information about LomoHomes and Piggy Points.

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