The New Lomography Spinner 360° Conquers the World!


The Lomographer Spinner 360 took the analogue world for a spin during its launch! It sold out pretty fast, and now it’s back in stock – have you got yours already? Get yourself ready for an exhilarating ride in a 360-degree perspective!

Take your world for a 360° Spin!

Lomography whipped up the world into a spinning frenzy with the recent launch of the Lomography Spinner 360°! All over the globe everyone, from Lomographers to analogue fans to gadget geeks, went gaga over this one-of-a-kind camera. And for a good reason! It’s the first time that a 35mm camera spins 360° on its own axis, to capture everything around you, on a frame that’s 4x longer than a standard landscape photo! This groundbreaking camera is selling like ice pops in a heat wave, so be quick and order one! Take a look at our gallery of Lomography Spinner 360° photos taken already by Lomography community members* around the world!

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Lomography Spinner 360° Testimonials

Beyond the oohs, aahs and wows, here is a sampling of the fond comments from the darling press:

“Here, for your retro-panoramic pleasure, is the Spinner 360, a camera which will paint an entire 360-degree panorama onto a strip of 35mm film, pushing the image right over the sprocket-holes.” –

“Always a good thing to step out of your regular photo zone and just have some experimental visual fun.” –

“It’s one of the coolest (and cheapest) ways to shoot 360-degree photos, and as it’s from Lomography the saturated colors and effects are guaranteed.” –

“The Spinner 360 is specifically for taking panoramas. And how do you think it works? Just as funcontrollable as the Diana – with the benefit of full-bleed negatives! How cool is that?!” –

“The camera spins around and records your surroundings; filling the whole width of your film right over the sprocket holes. The result? Panoramic awesomeness.” – yello!

“It’s nice to see that Lomography is sticking firmly to its experimental roots and the Spinner 360 release should certainly appeal to those with a creative bent.” –

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360 Degrees of Spinnin’ Techniques!

If you think shooting pictures in 360 degrees is fun enough, then you’ll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of techniques you can try, to achieve more creative possibilities!

The Lomography Spinner 360° lets you explore various shooting, scanning, and printing options, to give you total creative control. Visit the shop to get your own, and don’t forget to tell us your favourite technique!

Rumble: How Do You Spin?

If you have already received your Spinner 360°, we’re sure you’ve wasted no time experimenting with it. So show us all your first tried and tested techniques through entering our rumble: How Do You Spin? You have the chance to share your unique 360° panoramic shots and if they get our judges in a spin you might win a few Piggies! Deadline for submissions 7th July 2010.

Enter the Rumble

*Thanks to: nural, makny, estrellla, perrine2d, dopic, jeabzz, coca, lomosexual_manboy, viet_vo_dao, kvboyle, vicuna, tattso, satomi, sushi_9009, shooooter.

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    Lomography Spinner 360° Review。Lomo360度旋轉底片相機

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