Monday Moodboard: Movember Mania

It's hibernation season soon, and this Monday's the perfect time to grow out our hairs, 'staches, goatees, and beards to get us all cuddled up for the winter.

It's the season of no-shave, no-shame. Year-round we are obliged to "clean up" or look "dandy" by tying and straightening our hair, shaving facial hair or limbs. But now you have the perfect excuse for being lazy. Our Monday Moodboard celebrates Movember -- when men and women alike can wear their tresses and messes without a care. Not blessed with awesome facial hair? Try faking one!

Credits: alienmeatsack, chippo, disdis, mandi, ibrown, helviocampos, lomokev, huangmanwei, swordsplay, joyceyjoyce, dudizm & andrejrusskovskij

2017-11-06 #culture #movember-monday-moodboard

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