Lomographic Color Studies: For Daydreamers and Shoegazers

We've finally nailed down the basic colors from primary to secondary; now it's time to study other colors, hybrids, and palettes that make this world more complex and non-binary. Sometimes, we make up our own worlds as we get lost in our heads. Here's a palette for the daydreamers.

Dreaming is often associated with nighttime, twinkling stars and dusty clouds. But how about those who dream in the daytime? Such an aesthetic morphed into life with psychedelic musics sub-genres.

The term "shoegazing" was coined by the British press to refer to the musical groups who played live performances in a detached, introspective, dream-like and non-confrontational state, often the musicians with their heads down, affiliated with the 1990's. Like the sound, shoegazing is often considered the daydreamer's "genre", connected to neo-psychedelia. It began as a pejorative term but evolved into a more neutral word, and has often been visually associated with light, white-based colors.

Credits: hodachrome, shhquiet, neja, fricicchia, mell0nc0llie & blueskyandhardrock

As such, album designs on shoegaze-genre music would often come with prismatic pastels and palettes, often sprinkled with mists, stardusts, and heavy washes of muted purple for the 'daydream' look.

Reality looks softer and less gritty as pinks, whites, and teals subdue the heaviness of the earth's browns, greens and blues.

Credits: neja, daydreams, fricicchia, upagainstit, vikkki & blueskyandhardrock

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