Lomo'Instant Square: Faces and Stories

A moment may not last long but a photograph surely will. Take a photo of your friends when they're on top of the world, when they're sad, when inspiration strikes, when they're dancing at a party, when you're laughing over dinner -- capture their emotions and yours in that very moment so you can weave the stories for them. One beautiful thing about life is that we can make new memories anytime we want to.

Photo by Phyllis

Make those memories last and share them as you go with a camera that's as eager as you. The Lomo'Instant Square is the perfect camera for life's many splendid encounters. Tell the people who matter how much they mean to you with their very own instant portrait. Loaded with tons of creative features, you'll never run out of ways to make them smile.

Photos by Maria Angela Serrano, Greg Ferro, Rhio Sasaki, Luca Font, and Rob Detoyato

Express yourself and say what you feel with photographs. Let the Lomo'Instant Square be your constant companion as you document the unforgettable moments and make more memories with the special people in your life. Grab yours at the Online Shop now!

Download the Lomo'Instant App and you can post perfectly centered shots of your instant snaps to your LomoHome, Instagram, Facebook and more! And that's not all — you can turn your instant images into a funky stop motion video, too. Use the app to connect with the Lomography Community, read up on creative photography news and enter Lomography Competitions. Get the Lomo’Instant App for your iOS system now — free from the App Store.

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