Analogue Love with Mii Yatogi

Film is alive and kicking as passionate lovers of film photography continue to support a medium that was once accused of being dead. Japanese photographer Mii Yatogi lives on the analogue grind, capturing her daily life and whatever else that inspires her in 35mm.

A huge fan of taking photographs ever since, Mii began as a London-based hobbyist of concert photography with a digital compact camera, in which she would capture photos and videos of favorite bands who had never played in Japan. Her interest branched out as she came back to Tokyo, began to start taking on various subjects such as animals, food, friends, and so on.

She fell in love with film, citing that it's the medium that doesn't need rose-colored glasses to see the beauty of a captured reality.

Despite not being a full-time photographer, Mii continues to pursue her passion, often making her own zines, doing personal photoshoots with friends. For Mii, analogue photography makes the art of taking photographs more personal and intimate.

Watch out for our exclusive interview with Mii soon. In the meantime, visit her portfolio, Flickr,
Facebook and Instagram.

written by Ciel Hernandez on 2017-11-05 #analogue-photography #snapshots #mii-yatogi

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