Travel Diaries with Angela Izzo


Photographer Angela Izzo explores the Lomo'Instant Wide and Sprocket Rocket along her travels.

What drew you to photography?

I’ve always been an artist. Watching movies and music videos, I was drawn to visual expression. I was inspired by Dali, Peter Max, and psychedelic music. I started as a painter, got into black and white film photography in high school, and then graduated with a BA in Visual Arts and Photojournalism. Even back then, I always had “muses” to inspire me with my photographs. I love capturing character moments in a journalistic, yet surreal way.

Why shoot film?

I love to shoot film because of the experimentation and surprise. Picking up a new film camera, or trying a different film, challenges me on what I can create with it.
The texture of film is unique, in a way that digital can’t touch.

You work a lot with overlapping photos and doing multiple exposures, what interests you in that?

What you see is what you get, but in a completely different way. My mind visualizes in an overlapping way, and I don’t like to see things flat. I’m the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

How do you decide to compose your photos, what to expose over each other?

When I photograph, I am very spontaneous. How it works is, I find good light, a location that intrigues me, and I start to move around my subject as I look for interesting compositions. I like to do all my effects in camera. For this series, I was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”, I had a few muses join me on different road trip adventures around California. My subjects are usually other artists or musicians who inspire me. In this case, I had Pearl Charles, Kyle Jeffery, and Globelamp join on these trips. I like to be surprised at how it comes out, it’s a combination of intention and those “happy accidents”.

Working with both the Lomo'Instant Wide and Sprocket Rocket, what did you enjoy about both?

Well, I never used these camera models, so at first, it was quite intimating, and I had to watch a few YouTube videos to get an idea of all they can do. I discovered that I really like how the Lomo'Instant Wide looks, I love the double exposure capabilities and the range of lenses.The Sprocket Rocket is my new favorite. Had no idea how the film was going to come out and was blown away! It gives me a new type of spontaneous layered effect, and the sprockets exposing is super sexy.

What do you enjoy most about being a film photographer and traveling?

I’m just a curious, adventurous soul, a cultural anthropologist. Photography gives me a chance to experience different worlds that we live in, that others may not be able to experience. A camera is a key that unlocks so many possibilities.

Any advice for new, up and coming photographers or anybody who's scared to try film?

I always tell people to “just do it”. The only way to learn is to try, and see how the film reacts to the various lighting scenarios, eventually you figure it out. Be willing to try a medium that will bring a unique look and richness to your images. Every artist will shape their work into what is meaningful to them.

You can see more of Angela's work on her website or follow her on Instagram.

Styles by @clarebarexo

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