An Interview with 'Old School' Lover Shalini Sridhar


Meet Shalini -- a contributor to the Lomography community with her distinctive style of photography. She captures beautiful parts of India with her Lomography lenses.

Hello, can you please introduce yourself to the community?
Hello! My name is Shalini and I love all things old school! From cameras to movies to music to fashion, you name it, I love it :) I have 2 pet cats whom I adore, they're also my favorite models to shoot with, haha!

Credits: shalinis

When did you first start shooting with Lomography cameras?
I started out last year when I bought my first Lomography camera as a birthday present to myself - the trusty and handy Diana Mini which is still my best bet whenever I go traveling. As of today, I have a collection of 5 different types of Lomography cameras.

Credits: shalinis

What do you like about Lomography cameras?
They are simple to use cameras that give you superb results. I can experiment however I want and yet develop some very interesting pictures. And of course, the quirky names and types of Lomography cameras!

Credits: shalinis

You seem to experiment with your photography style, what is the inspiration behind it?
I try to take inspiration from everything I see around me and shoot with instinct. Lomography gets your creative juices flowing in whichever way you'd like, the best part - there are no rules here :) However, I must mention Wong Kar Wai & Christopher Doyle. I love their work!

Credits: shalinis

What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to be a photographer?
"Don't think, just shoot" ;)

Where can we find more of your work?
I post all of my work on the Lomography website. Otherwise, catch me on Instagram. You can find posts related to my interests and of course, my cats! :)

written by shivanisohal on 2017-11-15

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Lomography Diana Mini

Lomography Diana Mini

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