The Great Film Photography Gathering: Brooklyn Film Camera x Lomography NYC!


Earlier in October, the team here at Lomography NYC were approached by long-time collaborator, Brooklyn Film Camera, with an idea: let's take the many small circles of our collaborators, friends, and partners, and bring them together in a physical space. For, as a wicked irony, most of us in NYC who are shooting with so many analog mediums are always only interacting with each other mainly online!

We were onboard immediately and so a few weeks later the festivities began!

Shot on the Diana Anniversary Edition by Francisco Dautant

The day was filled with shared joys, shared toys, and all ages of girls and boys! Generations of photographers, from archivists and professors at photography universities to high school and college kids with their hands on their first film cameras.

By Devin Blaskovich
Geoffrey Berliner & Curtis Willocks, Instructors and friends, captured by Nick Collingwood

The goal and intention behind the collaboration, as stated by Brooklyn Film Camera owner Kyle Depew, was to bring together these small banded communities of like minds that otherwise have less than few opportunities to come together with the sole intention of sharing works, having great talks of the state of film photography in general, promoting interaction, and putting faces to names with all of these people whose friendships only lived in existence online prior!

Kyle Depew, by Dave Scaringe
By Dave Scaringe
Brooklyn Film Camera team by Nick Collingwood
Lomo NYC Team Christian Polt and Francisco Dautant by Nick Collingwood

Alongside the collaboration with Lomography, many other huge factions of the film photography community donated prizes for raffles and giveaways, including Film Ferrania The Penumbra Foundation": and "Polaroid Originals":!

We at Lomography NYC were extremely grateful to take part in this collaborative event, which had seen over a hundred attendees on a bright sunny day in Brooklyn, and are excited to announce that we will be continuing to work with BFC to turn this meeting circuit into a seasonal activity with many more to come in the future!

Be sure to check out Brooklyn Film Camera and Lomography NYC online to catch when and where we plan on meeting next!

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  1. jimgoodinmusic
    jimgoodinmusic ·

    awesome! Feel like I fell down the digital rabbit hole and came out the other end to silver again! Looks like an awesome gathering and hope to be part of another one when the pandemic settles.

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