Evan Maloney and the Suburban Panorama


While we're always looking towards the vast cities and urban capitals of the world for the latest and greatest trends in photography, it's nice to take a break once in a while to celebrate the subtle beauties of the lesser explored but more lived. Photographer Evan Maloney celebrates this in his newest series of panoramic photographs, all on film. Look below to see some of the images and learn more about his thoughts on the project!

"I have always loved taking pictures in the suburbs, and think that a lot of young photographers now overlook them because they are not bustling with activity like cities or picturesque and beautiful like the countryside. I wanted to take photos of the suburbs that people wouldn’t expect, to shake up the the normal, cookie-cutter idea most have about suburban living."

"The suburbs I know, the ones naturally formed as communities grew and expanded, are usually a tad run down, lived in by people who work with their hands and without pretension. And so using the Noblex was a way to convey this photographically. I strove to give a new view to the American suburb, and through the use of self-developed black and white film and a very hands-on camera, acknowledge and appreciate the people that live there."

"The photos are not supposed to be pretentious or even technically correct; I all but threw out the rule book when it comes to shooting panoramas. But that is how the people in these communities live, they use what they have how they want."

For more bodies of work by Evan, check out his website!. If you want to try your hand at panoramics like this, be sure to try out Lomography's Horizon Kompakt Camera!!

written by blaskovichs on 2017-11-07

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    Great work. From Robert Adams (the New West) to Ed Rutscha (26 gasoline stations) to David Freund (Gas Stop and Playgrounds) the new-topographic school is one of my preferred!

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