More Collected Photos of Women in Trees by Jochen Raiss

Collected from the flea market, this series by Jochen Raiss gets another shot for photography lovers to gaze at as the second volume of women in trees gets published by the Hatje Cantz.

The series began as a curate novelty of women climbing up on trees, where back in 20th century, was a favorite pastime among women. What were the women doing there? Well, it's a forgotten popular sport, some even speculating, a 'secret sex life of trees', but whatever floats the boat. Some girls would be lost in the clouds, others playing with figs and branches, others looking far off into the horizon, immersing with nature.

All images were found photographs from a flea market in Frankfurt-am-Main in which Raiss spent more than 25 years in searching for masterpieces.

Images are from the press kit. Buy the book here

2017-11-02 #culture #found-photography #jochen-raiss #women-in-trees

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