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We're a small community so we help our own. One of our community members is looking for respondents for his study. He's currently studying the possibility of creating a do-it-yourself color film developing method. Not only will it be for everyone -- beginner or expert film photographer/enthusiast, it also aims to be more efficient and economical. Another plus is that it can all be done in the comfort of your own homes.

Credits: penya

If you're interested in the idea, the survey can be found here. It won't take much out of your time and you get to help a fellow film fan and Lomographer in need.

Sammy Arschavir is currently in his final year as a Product Design Engineering student at the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow. Like you, he's also a fan of analogue photography and is an avid Lomographer. By participating in the survey, you'll not only help him on his project to develop an efficient and economical home film processing method but also the whole film community as well.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·


  2. schugger
    schugger ·


  3. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Cool, I also filled out the survey

  4. pannydeters
    pannydeters ·

    I don't understand. This already exists. I use Unicolor c41 kits. I can do 50 rolls for $25, all in the comfort of my own home.

  5. pasadena85
    pasadena85 ·


  6. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·


  7. cabreb
    cabreb ·

    @pannydeters probably he's thinking about a different system easier and faster to use, maybe an affordable auto-developing system with dedicated chemistry, or some sort of monobath solution... I'm really curious, I've never developed colour film at home because of the temperature strictness... Besides this, every new idea in film photography is very welcome!

  8. pannydeters
    pannydeters ·

    Yes, it's difficult to tell from the description. As for the temperature strictness, it's really no big deal. You can be off by a degree or two. Mark Dalzell from the Film Photography Project did tests well under and well over the designated 102º F and still had useable results. I get it to 101-103, and I keep the tank out on the counter while it's developing (no temperature bath), and I've never had the slightest issue. I find it to be easier than black and white. Fewer steps, no time consulting the Massive Dev Chart, trying to match up filmstock, developer, ISO, etc.

  9. shufi
    shufi ·

    Done! :) Talking about temperature, I use temperature controller to make it stable - we can also adjust it easily. there's a lot DIY tutorial out there.

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